A comics journalism piece about the grassroots initiatives that were launched by the residents of three favelas in São Paulo to face the problems caused or exacerbated by the COVID pandemic.

This story was awarded the International Center For Journalists prize for best health reporting in English.

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Page Sample

Page Sample


Chosen as 2020's best Solution Journalism stories, along with news outlets like The New York Times e Washington Post.

Digitally inked by me. Colors (first image) by me.

Final colors by Alessandra de Maio.

Made by a cross-border team based in Brazil, Poland and Spain: Priscila Pacheco, Alexandre de Maio, Cecilia Marins, Maskra, Alessandra de Maio, Lola García-Ajofrín, Piotr Kliks, Marcin Suder and Małgorzata Mrozek.